BTS Kim SeokJin’s Outstanding Talents That Had You Shock

  • 2023.08.26
  • JIN
BTS Kim SeokJin’s Outstanding Talents That Had You Shock

Despite BTS Jin is a very humble person, his talented personality shines like a diamond. You will definitely get impressed by how gifted Jin is in many areas! First of all, Jin is a great actor with prestigious professional education in Konkuk University. In spite of being an actor originally, Jin has become a critically acclaimed high-class vocalist while being a trainee and then a member of BTS. He is also the kind of person who always wants to try or learn something new. For example, while being an acting student and an idol of the popular group, Jin taught himself how to play guitar and piano. Besides that, he proved himself as a great lyricist through the lyrics of his songs (he wrote his first song in 2014). Jin has a great talent for composing music. His solo songs have been achieving lots of success and the love of the public for years. Could Jin be more perfect? Yes! Another talent of Jin is that he is a great cook. He even participated as the guest star of the cooking show, where he demonstrated his skills amazingly. One of another biggest talents of Jin is that he is a true athlete! As for now, we could see Jin being perfect at all kinds of water sports, basketball, football, skies, bicycle, roller skating, snowboarding, golf, wrestling, boxing and etc. Jin is the most flexible member of the group and has a black belt in Taekwondo! All in all, Jin is an extremely gifted person who becomes naturally successful in anything he tries and even stands out among others. Even if Jin was not an idol, he could easily become a role model or a source of inspiration for many people with his unique mind.

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